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Remote Sales Management...

If your sales team doesn’t have a coach, today is your lucky day.

For pennies on the dollar you will get the Czar of Sales Management. Simply put, he will revolutionize your business!

Are you wanting that professional sales manager, but just can’t seem to justify the investment? Are you concerned about finding the right person that can actually increase sales performance? No need to fret because we have an alternate solution to meet your sales management needs. His name is Drew Rieling and he will be your Remote Sales Manager. His fourteen years of sales management consulting and decades of “real world” operational experience make him an incredible resource for your company.

Details of the program include:

A two day store visit from Drew, meeting with the management team and the sales staff. The first day Drew works with the owners/management team to outline the strategy and present tools and systems. The second day is spent implementing the programs with the sales associates.

Topics covered are listed below:

Collaborative goal setting

Performance tracking

Setting standards

UPs systems

Professional selling practices

Qualifying forms

Effective engagement strategies

Feedback sessions

Installation of our performance tracking software:


Close rates

Average sale

Team averages

Performance to goal

Missed opportunities for each sales associate

Six-Month Coaching Plan:

One call per month from Drew to each sales associate

Sales to goal

Close rate performance

Average sale performance

Monthly progress reporting on each sales associate to the management team

Performance agreements

This program will have an instant impact on sales performance and does not require a large investment. Best of all, these are proven methods delivered by the best trainer in the industry.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation... We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

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